A Note or Two From the Author

Stories from the US Navy I A Suicide in the Mediterranean by Bob Stockton

A Note or Two From the Author:

Stories From the US Navy: I. A Suicide in the Mediterranean,
while a work of fiction, is based on some of my experiences
from a twenty-year Navy career. This novella is the first of
a series of three expected to be published by the end of

After nearly forty years of post-Navy civilian life I do
confess to a bit of uncertainty surrounding the more operational
procedures described in “Stories.” Those inaccuracies
belong solely to the author.

Special thanks go to Paul Mosley of the University of
North Florida, for his expertise in recovering files from an
eleven-year-old desktop that unceremoniously decided to
go to its reward while writing this novella, and to Command
Master Chief Pat Stroud who suggested that I go
“back to the Navy” for my next book.

Bob Stockton, May 2014