About Bob Stockton

Stories from the US Navy I A Suicide in the Mediterranean by Bob Stockton

About Bob Stockton:

Bob Stockton was born in Trenton, New Jersey. Leaving school in his junior year Bob began a twenty year Navy career in 1957. During the course of that twenty year carreer Bob has sailed the seven seas while serving in surface vessels (destroyers), diesel electric submarines, auxiliary vessels, aircraft carriers, reconnaissance attack squadrons and patrol gunboats in Vietnam.

Following Navy retirement as a Chief Petty Officer, Bob has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees and has worked as a shipyard welder’s helper, university adjunct graduate instructor, epidemiologist, pharmaceutical trainer small business owner and radio host.

Bob currently receives full Veterans Administration disability compensation from exposure to Agent Orange while in Vietnam. He resides in Jacksonville, Florida in close proximity to his three children, three grandchildren and a large but amiable American Bulldog named Bowser.